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Lite and Pro

The very first thing I want to say is there is not yet any paid version available! I still have much work to do to before this will be ready, which means it is still many months away from being a reality!

And since I have already received questions about cost, I will attempt to provide a projected estimate, but please be aware that this is just an estimate and could change at any time.

The Lite version is expected to cost $20-$40USD as software only. There will be optional relay hardware for power cycling of which I cannot yet give an accurate estimate, but it could be an additional $40-$100USD plus shipping. It is intended that there will be instructions for getting a relay board on your own and wiring it up.

The PRO version is expected to cost $200-$500USD. There may be different options for hardware, but it is intended to come with at least some hardware. Part of that hardware is very likely going to be a USB security device for licensing, meaning that you will have to have that USB device plugged in for the software to operate. The PRO version is the one that will be able to perform actual software resets, COM resets for SATA connected drives, and pin 1 resets for IDE connected drives with a modified IDE cable and relay hardware, and of course power cycles with relay hardware.