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Bug Reporting

Known bugs:

  * I have recently added some USB code in the program, and it has been reported that a library error can happen when starting the program. Version 2.0.3 has been compiled without the code, so it should not give that error. However, future versions are planned to have the code. If you get a libusb library error, please report it and include the type and version of Linux you are using.

  * The Instruction Manual from the Help menu does not work on all systems. At this time the best solution is to view the manual on the website. This has hopefully been addressed with version 2.0.3, but it may still be possible that there will be systems it will not work on.

  * When choosing a new project after already running a previous project, or trying to swap back and forth between modes, it may give an error when attempting to choose the source, or give an error seeking the destination. The solution is to restart the program. I am having trouble consistantly reproducing this issue, making it difficult to troubleshoot. Although I have not seen this issue recently, maybe it is fixed?

  * There may still be some text that is not translated when choosing a different language. Some of it will stay that way due to the nature of the program. If any important text is not translated, it will be taken care of when it is found.

  * The language translation uses Google Translate, so the translation will always have flaws and never be perfect.

Known issues (not considered program bugs):

  * In version 1.8.1 there was a small change in the installer name (the "-" dash was changed to a "." dot.) When trying to install a newer version using the deb package, it will fail if a version with the older name is installed. The solution is to remove the old version first with the following command:

  sudo dpkg --remove hddsuperclone-free

  After that, you should be able to install the new version. There may be a similar issue with the rpm installer, but I am not familiar with that family of Linux. The uninstall command would obviously be different.

  * It has been reported that in regular Ubuntu with the Unity desktop, the program menu bar may not show up. This has been reported for the LTS versions 14.04 and 16.04. I have not been able to reproduce this using a live CD, so it may be limited to OS installation. A quick Google search finds issues with the menu bar in those versions, and possibly others. Just another reason for me to hate the Unity desktop. My suggestion is to switch to the Gnome desktop, or better yet, just use one of the other flavors of ubuntu (lubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu). Unity sucks!

I cannot reproduce all results, so when reporting an issue please report all exit codes and messages so that I can better understand what may be happening so that improvements can be made. If you just say that it isn't working right, that is not very helpful.

You can report bugs to:

Please provide as much information as possible.