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HDDSuperClone Changelog

version 1.12 20171119
  * Fixed a bug with changing the clustersize
  * Fixed a bug in the advanced settings
  * Added size in GB to display output (GUI)
  * Added timer settings (direct mode)
  * Added generic modes
  * Many tweaks for direct mode
  * Many other program tweaks for improved operation

version 1.11.gui.beta 20170902
  * Removed some code that was causing a library error

version 1.10.gui.beta 20170806
  * Added a device check before commiting to device error
  * Added advanced options to the GUI version
  * Added the ability to process CHS
  * Added the option to enable/disable the OS write buffer
  * Removed the 10% limit on direct IDE PIO

version 1.9.gui.beta 20170629
  * Added language packs
  * Will start in GUI if no command line options are set
  * Added the option --command-line to override auto GUI
  * Removed the exit box popup

version 1.8.1 20170529
  * Fixed a bug where read only devices would not open

version 1.8 20170529
  * Added the option --reset-log
  * Added the option --gui

version 1.7 20170304
  * Fixed the display percent and time remaining when using a domain file
  * Fixed the time remaining when performing retries
  * Improved the display when performing retries
  * Progress logfile is automatically repaired if same status found

version 1.6.1 20170208
  * Fixed a bug with the progress logfile output

version 1.6 20170129
  * Fixed a bug with ata return data
  * Fixed a bug with error output not displaying
  * Improved some error output
  * Added the option --exit-slow-time

version 1.5.2 20170121
  * Fixed possible exit code and message issues

version 1.5.1 20170112
  * Fixed a bug with the fill options

version 1.5 20170110
  * Added the option --exit-on-slow

version 1.4 20161125
  * Fixed the long option --progressfile
  * Extra information has been added to the progess file
  * It will now reload skip info from the progress file
  * Fixed a bug with reverse in phase1
  * Changed the recent skip to run size

version 1.3 20161015
  * More internal code changes
  * If log has errors it now mentions the repair option
  * Fixed bug with exiting on device fault
  * Fixed bug that produced log lines of same status
  * Improved skipping algorithm
  * Fixed a bug where imported ddrescue log was not repaired

version 1.2 20160731
  * Added support for importing new style ddrescue log
  * Now asks for progress file if not provided
  * Image file is now an option for target choice
  * ATA mode is now allowed in free version
  * Skip threshold is now allowed in free version
  * Removed options not available in free version
  * Internal code changes to allow for GUI
  * Fixed a bug where all reads were bad in direct mode
  * Fixed bad head marking

version 1.1 20160605
  * Fixed a bug with the resuming position

version 1.0 20160514
  * No actual program changes
  * Updated from beta to stable
  * Now also includes an uninstaller (hddsuperclone-uninstall.sh)
  * Added DEB and RPM installers for download

version 0.9-beta 20160508
  * Added the options --fill-zero and --fill-mark

version 0.8-beta 20160424
  * Added the options --domain and --domaindd
  * Now checks if the source is mounted
  * Added the option --force

version 0.7-beta 20160417
  * Drive list now shows size in MB
  * Added source and destination to the output
  * Fixed a bug with USB exit

version 0.6-beta 20160416
  * Updated status to BETA
  * Fixed a logfile bug with ata mode

version 0.5-alpha 20160411
  * Fixed the short "s" option for --source
  * Fixed a bug with dividing in reverse
  * Changed some of the exit codes

version 0.4-alpha 20160409
  * Reverse is now implemented
  * Improved some exit messages

version 0.3-alpha 20160403
  * Now marks a fault as bad in the progress log
  * Improved ability to detect a faulted device
  * Exit codes improved
  * Display output improved

version 0.2-alpha 20160327
  * Exit codes updated

version 0.1-alpha 20160326
  * Initial alpha release