18 June 2018 Version 1.99.1.beta released.

Post date: Jun 18, 2018 10:43:8 PM

18 June 2018

Version 1.99.1.beta released.

Changed how skip resets are triggered. They are now triggered if a skip run exceeds 64 skips. When the skip size hits the max skip size, a reset is no longer triggered, the skip size will just stop increasing at max skip size. Added Slow skips to the display output for improved diagnosis capability. If a drive is locked with a password, this condition will now be detected instead of just producing read errors. HDDSuperTool is now part of HDDSuperClone, and will not be continued as a separate project. Please review the command line options of HDDSuperClone to see how to start HDDSuperTool. There are many other improvements and features for the upcomming PRO version. This release is a BETA release of the PRO version, and has the ability to be activated by a license file for the purpose of testing.