3 February 2019 Version 2.1.8 released

Post date: Feb 03, 2019 7:4:42 PM

3 February 2019

Version 2.1.8 released

* Improved how the trimming phase handles major errors that stop the cloning. It now marks the rest of the block as non-scraped before stopping, so that when resuming it will move on to the next non-trimmed block, instead of resuming with the non-trimmed block that caused the error.

* Added 0.5 second to the soft reset time of the first read when cloning is started to allow the disk to perform the initial seek from parked, to prevent marking the first read as bad if using a small soft reset time.

* Fixed a bug where the phase logs were disabled if the log backup was disabled.

* Fixed a bug where the phase log setting was not saved to the project file.

* Added an additional message at the end of cloning as a catch all for any possible conditions that the program stops cloning without any other message.

* Fixed a bug where SCSI passthrough mode would still use ATA identify device data if it detected the device would accept the command.

* Added the Tools menu option Display Identify Results to display the results of the identify device command.

* Enable using ATA return to mark bad sectors is now turned on by default in the pro version.