29 August 2015 Version 1.2-1.1 released

Post date: Aug 29, 2015 9:18:27 PM

29 August 2015

Version 1.2-1.1 released.

Script changes: The timeout in the scan device script has been changed so it is now like the imaging script timeout. Fixed the threshold value in the smart data script. Aligned the data in the smart data script, and also made the raw data all one value.

Program changes: Added the command RESETTIMEOUT, which is now a separate time than the busytimeout. This allows for a separate timeout after a soft reset is performed, to give the option to perform some other command if the drive did not recover quickly after the soft reset. Fixed a bug in direct mode where a drive may be wrongfully reported as being visable to the OS. The ELSE command will now give an error if any other text is on the same line.