01 January 2016 Version 1.5-1.4 released

Post date: Jan 02, 2016 3:31:32 AM

01 January 2016

Version 1.5-1.4 released.

Program changes: Removed the scripting commands DIRECTIO and PASSTHROUGH, as they were likely to never be used and were complicating the program code. Removed some more error checking on the buffers that was causing false positives during the checking phase. Added a second method for checking if the drive can be seen by the OS, as the initial method fails to detect if the drive did not respond correctly to the identify device command. Fixed a bug with 48 bit commands when the device select is 1 (slave). This may have had something to do with the weird results I have seen in the past when working with a device that was a slave. Improved the output of the drive listing when choosing a drive to show more important information. Direct mode is no longer allowed if the drive can be seen by the OS. The command lsblk is no longer required for drive listing in passthrough mode, as it was not available by default in all versions of Linux. Added the option --ahci to allow for AHCI mode disk access (full version only). Removed the options --xterm and --no-xterm as they were likely never going to be used and were just complicating things. Removed the command PIOLENGTHUNKNOWN as the results were not always reliable. Fixed a serious bug with direct mode IDE PIO reads and writes, where the data would get corrupted after the first 512 bytes. Chaged the command_status return values to allow for more values. The INCLUDE command now searches same directory as the running script for the script to include. Fixed a bug where the --command option did not work it passthrough mode (it would give an error when trying to perform commands to the disk, because the disk was not being opened). I am not sure when that got broken as it used to work once upon a time. The program now installs with make (sudo make install), and the install and uninstall shell scripts have been removed. This makes the installation much easier as it avoids the permission issues of executing the shell scripts. Added the section Script Examples to the documentation. Made some other updates and improvements to the documentation.

Script changes: Added the script wd_royl_dump_mod_all.