18 October 2015 Version released.

Post date: Oct 18, 2015 2:13:43 PM

18 October 2015

Version 1.4-1.3 released.

Program changes: Fixed an issue with the variable $date where the result included an unwanted newline character, and also modified the output so it does not contain spaces. Added the new section Tips and Tricks to the documentation. Removed some error checking on the buffers that was causing false positives during the checking phase. This would happen in menu mode when different scripts were ran and previous variables still contained values.

Script changes: Made improvements to the VSC script wd_royl_dump_mod02 (has also been renamed from wd_dump_mod2). Made improvements to the VSC script wd_dump_mod42 Added the new VSC script wd_royl_dump_mod32. Added the new VSC scripts wd_royl_patch_mod02 and wd_royl_patch_mod32, which together provide a solution to the WD slow issue. Added the script ata_sct_error_control_timer, which can set the error control timer to control how long a drive will attempt to process read errors.